Amtul Sedrah

Head of Year 2

Amtul H. Sedrah started teaching after completing her Bachelor of Arts and simultaneously pursued her Bachelors of Education, in Hyderabad, India, in 2006. Teaching has been her passion since very young age. Inspired by her own Primary School teachers she always wanted to be a teacher. Teaching younger minds always excites her and seeing innocent faces every morning energizes her. As a teacher, she always try reaching each individual to understand their needs and help them build on their strengths and work on any weaknesses they have.

Amtul joined as a year 1 teacher in WSA since the very first year of establishment in 2013 and in the same year appointed as a year 1 team leader. Leading year 1 for five years and with lots of learning opportunity offered she has grown both personally and professionally. As a leader she have developed competencies like coping extremely well under pressure, team building and adapting to the new challenges with an open-mind. Currently Amtul is leading year 2 Team and alongside she is also a member of Lead Teacher Programme that has started in 2014 to support teaching staff individually and in teams across the school for improving and achieving consistently good or better Teaching and Learning Practices

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