Smitha Sundaresan

Head of Year 7

Smitha Sundaresan has been teaching PE for 9 years, both here in the UAE and back in the INDIA. She started her teaching career in India as a Physical Educator where she taught four years. It was during this time, while she was working with young children that she discovered that children’s growing mind needs a healthy, happy, social environment in order to thrive. An environment where students are encouraged to aspire for the highest levels of achievement within a disciplined environment. That was when she developed a passion for caring and supporting students.

At GEMS WSA, Smitha has been teaching Physical Education since 2013, she have amassed a wealth of experience and that has enabled her to grow professionally. At the start of this academic year, she moved into the pastoral care leadership role as Head of Year 6. She loves this role as it enables her to guide students at a most pivotal point in their school life. Preparing students to be more responsible towards the society and to be responsible for their behavior towards their fellow classmates is something she is passionate about. To move with an attitude of sportsmanship and to incorporate the 21st Century skills to students of WSA is one of the things Smitha endeavors to do at WSA.