We offers The National Curriculum for England. The school currently operates primary year groups from Foundation Stage to Year 9

The National Curriculum for England The National Curriculum for England is a broad and balance curriculum applied in over 150 countries across the world. It is based on a structured and broad framework that outlines expected levels of achievement through all stages of a student’s school life.

In Foundation Stage 2 students follow the Early Years Foundation Stage program. In year 1 To 9, students progress through the National Curriculum for England levels. The curriculum is split into various key stages. Key stage 1 (KS 1) is Years 1 and 2, Key stage 2 (KS2) is Y3-Y6), Key stage 3 (KS3) is Y7-Y9–currently the school only goes up to Y9 there is no provision for students after this. In addition to the development of specific skills and competencies, the curriculum emphasizes enquiry, creativity, analytical evaluation and other 21st Century learning skills needed to meet the challenges of the future.