Nadia Kasker

Year 1 Head 

I , Nadia Junaid Kasker am delighted to be a part of Gems Winchester School family since 2014. It empowered me to enhance my skills. I initially started my journey as FS teacher further joining the Year 1 team in 2018. Teaching is a lifelong journey of growth and attainment. In my journey I have learned and seen myself progress. My passion is to work with children providing them conditions where they learn. “A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart” inspired by my own teacher this reflects in my relation with my students.

Every child is unique and needs different approach to grow further, build confidence, express themselves and do the best. As a teacher I want my students to know, feel and apply- “My teacher gave me the best gift of believing in myself”. With my creative and influential team of teachers, we work together to create a loving, caring and a positive classroom environment in which our students feel comfortable sharing thoughts, asking questions and confronting challenges in their learning process