Yvonne Njue

Head of Early Years (FS2 & KS1)

My career in Early Years Education spans 15 years, reflecting a passion in education and shaping the lives of our young students from a tender age. I have taught in a range of education settings in Africa both state and private sector.  I joined GEMS Education in 2013 at Gems Cambridge International School Nairobi, Kenya before moving to GEMS Winchester School, Abu Dhabi in 2014. My passion is teaching and learning, which continues to drive my vision to ensure that the quality of what goes on in the classroom is as good as it possibly can be.I am also passionate about developing a Growth Mindset in both staff and children. Over the past 15 years, I gained valuable experience in various educational roles, I am applying this to ensure our students, parents, and teachers receive the necessary support to ensure success in WSA. Similarly, it is my number one priority to ensure that every student receives a well-rounded education and reach his or her full potential